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Solo and with Susan Taylor, from formal, to funny, to complete shows.


Stacks of experience in bringing out first time poets and bringing on those with more experience. Half-day or full-day sessions available.


Themed courses which can include mic and performance technique, as well as individual tutorials.


I've been writing poetry for the last 50 years or so, Although I studied engineering at a university of technology, we were lucky enough to have writers in residence, first Roger McGough and then Pete Morgan, who acted as mentors to a small group of us, getting us writing and performing our work.

Since then, poetry has been a passion and I've been lucky enough to have had support from several publishers and to have performed widely at festivals and events around the country. As well as regular readings of my work, I've collaborated on many

multimedia shows with my wife, the poet Susan Taylor, and other writers and musicians.


I write on a lot of different subjects, less in the school of personal and social realism than in looking at the unusual, even quirky. There's a strong scientific awareness running through much of my work, perhaps because of my engineering background, but I try to always make it accessible.  For me, poetry is all about communicating ideas, ideally from viewpoints not considered before. Surrealism plays a part.



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